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How To Set Successful Goals For Your Finances

set successful goals for your finances

The surveys tell us most people who make New Year’s resolutions overwhelmingly choose two areas to focus on: health or finances. They resolve, or set goals, for their finances or to improve their health. Since almost every day of our life seems to encounter a choice that affects both of those areas we understand why ...

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Tips for First-Time Bankers (Or A Helpful Refresher)


In the market for a bank? You may be out kickin’ the tires. We say, kick away and we’ll help you. At First National Bank across our six locations we know that R-1 ag tires are not the same as lighter ply tires for your pickup or car. And we know unpredictable Colorado winters call ...

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The Top 6 Benefits Of Banking Locally

bank locally

If there is one thing we have more of today than our ancestors, it is choice. Take an extra second in the toothpaste aisle next time you are at the store and we doubt you will disagree. We have a lot of choices. And in most cases, choice is good. Not everyone is built the ...

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How It All Started For First National Bank of Las Animas

vintage photograph of bankers in colorado show how it all started

In 1901 our founders took a step of faith to start the First National Bank of Las Animas. Faith is “confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1) Our founders stepped out in faith in more ways than one. So here’s how it all started… The bank’s ...

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