Customer Profile: Basis Partners, Colorado Springs, The Road to Public Health and Safety

colorado springs bank customer basis partners team shown first national bank at flying horse basis partners engineering

You know that curb you step off every morning walking your dog in Colorado Springs? Or that gushing rainwater that flows past your house along the Front Range? Or that road or bridge and smooth asphalt you zip over on the way to work? You may want to give a shout out to Basis Partners ...

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Customer Profile: DQ Grill & Chill, Las Animas, Colorado, Happy Does Taste Good

local community small business las animas Dairy Queen bank customer

“Happy tastes good®” at the corner of 6th and Highway 50 in Las Animas, Colorado. It’s where you’ll find a delectable menu full of Grillburgers to Blizzards and everything in between, plus the amiable Dairy Queen owners, Bill and Nancy Long. Bill and Nancy operate the only Dairy Queen from Pueblo to Garden City, Kansas, ...

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Customer Profile: Christine’s Restaurant and Catering, Rocky Ford, Colorado, Cooking Up Business

customer profile Christine's in Rocky Ford, Colorado local bank customer small business Colorado

Christine’s restaurant and catering business is a boy meets girl love story and so much more. While Rocky Ford locals Mike and Christine Laurent fell in love and married 38 years ago, their relationship has grown richer over their shared love for savory, home-cooked food. You can trace the opening of Christine’s Restaurant and Catering ...

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Customer Profile: Ark-Valley Memorial, Creating Lasting Tributes, Rocky Ford, Colorado

Customer Profile: Ark-Valley Memorial, Creating Lasting Tributes, Rocky Ford, Colorado Ark Valley truck installing head stone

One of Mike Donelson’s greatest works of memorial stone art majestically stands hidden in a clearing of lonely pines in the Rio Grande National Forest. At 11,000 feet along Colorado’s Continental Divide, Soldierstone is an 8-ton tower of polished granite honoring the lives of foreign fighters who died during the Vietnam War. The occasional visitor ...

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Customer Profile: Serranos, World-Class Coffee in Monument, Colorado

If you ask Serranos Coffee Company owner Carl Nolt about his favorite coffee, he’ll no doubt take you back to his coffee research trip to Antigua, Guatemala. When Carl describes that best cup of coffee he’s ever had the edges of his salt-and-pepper mustache turn up in a smile as he exhales “a café con ...

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