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Tips for First-Time Bankers (Or A Helpful Refresher)


In the market for a bank? You may be out kickin’ the tires. We say, kick away and we’ll help you. At First National Bank across our six locations we know that R-1 ag tires are not the same as lighter ply tires for your pickup or car. And we know unpredictable Colorado winters call for just the right tires. It’s the same with banking—banking is not one size fits all. You need the right choice to keep your financial ride smooth.

While we may not be “tire experts,” with nearly 120 years in business helping community members like you, we are experts in local banking.

Are you interested in free checking? Kick away. We have you covered. Looking for a possible loan for your business? Kick away. We’ve worked with hundreds of area farmers, ranchers, individuals, family-owned businesses and larger corporations. Each individual and family benefits from our better brand of banking.

With the variety of financial institutions clamoring to manage your hard-earned money, you need a bank you can trust like family. First National Bank is family — we treat first-time savers to great-great grandparents as valuable members of our own families. And we value a new client as much as we value those who’ve been with us for several decades. (And there are plenty.)

Because we respect your time and know you have more ground to cover in your day, we aim to simplify your banking. Part of kickin’ the tires is to know what questions to ask. To help, we’ve listed a number of useful things to know about your bank and a little info about us.

5 Tips for a Better Banking Partnership

1. Ask questions about who they are.

Since we’ve talked tires now’s a good time to remind you, you’re in the driver’s seat. Ask plenty of questions of any prospective bank to find who they are.

We are local bank that operates on principle. Our neighbors are our customers. We’ve been helping people like you since our doors first opened in Las Animas in 1901. Yes, that’s given us more than a century to get to know our customers, perfect our services, and adapt as the times have changed.

Our local ownership, our local decisions, and our local values give you greater peace of mind in knowing that you are next-door neighbors and we genuinely care about you and your financial needs.

2. Understand all service options.

Banking can be a daily activity for some. Direct deposits, saving for a trip, considering a home loan, donating to a local charity. You want to understand the range of services available at your bank.

We offer a full line of banking services from traditional checking, savings, and loans to debit cards, online and mobile banking and much more. Our convenient ATMs are open 24-7. And since you are family, we invite you to stop in for some friendly in-person banking. Or just chat with us about your work, the weather, or your new puppy.

3. Familiarize yourself with any fees.

When looking for a bank be sure to familiarize yourself with any fees associated with doing business there.

With First National Bank we never confuse you with hidden fees. Honesty and integrity are the rubber that meets the road with us. Most of our accounts are absolutely free! All First National Bank personal checking accounts include these free benefits: VISA® Debit Card, online banking, Bill Pay, unlimited check writing and eStatements. Plus, you get a free thank you gift when you open a checking account. One of our most popular accounts, Free E Checking, requires no minimum balance and there’s no monthly service charge.

If you have employees to pay, our Cash Management direct deposit payroll service lets you pay all your people quickly and securely without costing you a penny. If we do charge minimal fees on any of our accounts, we make sure you understand any possible charges upfront. We look you in the eye and tell you the truth and we welcome any and all questions. This is your money.

4. Know how to access your money.

Life can hand you unexpected expenses or new joyous events to start saving for, like a 9-month-plan for blue or pink booties. Determine the ways you are able to access your funds with any bank.

We believe you need dependable and easy access to your money any day of the week and we’re here to help.

Perhaps you’re wondering: How easy is it to transfer money between my checking and savings accounts? What’s the link to access my accounts 24/7 online? Is there a mobile app? Answers: Easy, Easy, and Yes. We make it easy for you to manage your money from anywhere when you want.

5. Learn to track your money.

A bank that is a good fit makes you comfortable when you have questions. It’s your money, you should get help in learning how to track it to meet your goals.

Part of your financial success is knowing how to oversee your money with our bank statements and online tools. We can walk you through easy ways to check your balances and earn more interest. If you ever make a mistake and come up short in an account, we’re here to help you resolve that quickly. If you are new to banking or need a banking basics refresher, we are happy to help you track your money and get the most from your personal and business finances. We are here for you. Some of our employees like to say, “My customers feel like family to me.” We’re here to help.

If you’re kickin’ the tires with your bank experience, be sure to come in and talk with us. We’ll grab some coffee and a sweet treat and discuss your financial questions and goals. We might even have a suggestion or two on your all-purpose vs. all-terrain tires or which bike tires are best for hardpack vs. intermediate.

Ask plenty of questions to find a bank that cares about you. A bank that will be there for you for another 120 years.

If you’d like to learn more, give us a call or stop in. We are Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender. And everyone is welcome.

We hope to see you soon.